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(no subject) [Oct. 14th, 2004|05:23 pm]

Who Turns 18 tomorrow, Friday October 15th??




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COME TO THE SHOW COME TO THE SHOW [Apr. 2nd, 2004|02:16 pm]

7:30 tonight and tomorrow
at WHS auditorium
come see me look like an ass!!
i can guarantee u will enjoy urself

school was RETARTED
SO MUCH work to do

after school i brought jess home
then went to tiffanys and we worked on our thing
then i went to the bank and the flower place
then i got food
then to the gas station
now i am finally sitting
i need a nap, ill take a fast one
i have to get Melanie and bring her to the show
but im SO SCARED
o well if i mess up i mess up
who cares
yes i do

im gonna suck
oh well
i only learned it 2 freaking days ago

oh well

COME SEE ME!!! hahaha
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(no subject) [Apr. 1st, 2004|12:45 pm]
As of now
my LiveJournal is Friends only

if i dont have you on my friends list
and you want to be put on
just ask and i gladly will

so post a reply
or whatever
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(no subject) [Mar. 30th, 2004|10:17 pm]
I thought today would be boaring but it wasnt

school was good
flew by

then i brought jess home, i was gonna go to harkness to walk again but it was crappy out so i decided to head home

Bailey calls me and invites to go to Fred's with them for lunch so of course i went! it was fun, i got my Clam Strips
it was COLD so we ate in our cars it was fun

then i came home and just talked online for hours
got a few things done
then got ready for dance

it was fun
it went quick, everything was boom boom boom tonight
I am now in 6 dances
someone needed a partner for the Jr piece due to complications so i stepped in!! its fun, i just have to remember how to do it
this also makes for chris being in 4 dances in a row hahah quick change time!!

should be fun

lots of mixed feelings about different things
i care about things i shouldnt
and i dont care about things i should

ive been feeling really weird
kind of alone i guess
but thats crazy

i wish i had more guy friends
its kinda hard when all your friends are girls
and ur the only guy
i dont mind it that much
its just weird sometimes
and sometimes i feel like im imposing on their
"girl" time
but i guess if they didnt want me there they wouldnt let me come along
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HELL WEEK DAY ONE [Mar. 29th, 2004|10:22 pm]
SO dance tonight
was FUN

i love hell week
yes i messed up
but i dont care
ill fix it
its not big stuff im doing wrong
its little shit

fell a few times
i fell when i was running on for the finale
my foot got caught on my pants

cant wait for tomorrow night
i need to take more pics
i have tons of film left

tomorrow we get out at 10:20
im bringing jess home then i dont know what yet
no ones really said anything definate

of course i know what i would like to do
but it wont happen
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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2004|01:55 pm]
just walked in the door from lunch at the Chinese place with caitlin

i ate TO MUCH
o well its was TASTY hahaha

my goal : to eat out for lunch every day this week
anyone want to help me accomplish this goal, give me a call! i cant eat alone

school FLEW by
im so excited for dance today i cant wait! its gonna be fun, maybe a little stressful but it will be FUN

after school i drove jess home, then called caitlin and while i waited for her and britt to make up their minds i went to Harkness to go walk on the beach, it was so nice out, i love the sound of waves

so tomorrowe we get out of school at 10:20 if anyone wants to do something with me, let me know!!

Vermonter1999: that was a good split though
Vermonter1999: u have to admit
xViVOx 723: ok chris...im sure the audience will enjoy your ass crack when you do a friggin face dive onto that hardwood floor...and/or split your jazz pants RIGHT down the center
xViVOx 723: paula would make suree they do a fucking blackout quicker than you can blink
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Fly higher than the stars [Mar. 28th, 2004|08:36 pm]

woke up and just sat around doing mindless random things
finally decided to get dressed , called some people, no one was home, no idea where any of them were

then i decided i needed to leave my house
so i went to Marshalls, Acmoore, and Shoprite

got film for Hell week so i can have oodles of pictures of all my dance friends

Marshalls was retarted
nothing fit the way i wanted it to
so i left

all my costumes for dance are bought, altered and done with
the majority look like shit
especially dust in the wind
Paula let me cut it so its like a long shirt now
but now it falls all weird and it hugs my ass and just looks HORRID
o well ill be moving around a lot
hopefully no one will notice

im so excited for tomorrow you have NO IDEA

i get out early
jess needs a ride home so im giving her one

after that nothing till dance at 5
i think im gonna go take a walk at the beach or harkness
if you want to come let me know
id really like to not go alone
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And all that Jazz [Mar. 27th, 2004|09:24 pm]
Today was good, i got to see a lot of people...i mingled

this AM I just relaxed and got some stuff done around the house

then i had dance and we FINISHED
i know what im doing now
im so happy
it was fun, so it was all good


i came home and relaxed, took a nap
i needed to get out of the house so i went driving around and viv called so i met her , bailey and caitlin at the mall

then i headed to wallmart
then Laura called me and invited me to go to NFA with her to see Steve play in this Variety Benefit show
it was AWESOME i had a great time
there was a lot of DANCE which made me happy, most of it was all ghetto hip hop stuff which i love to watch
but i cant do
there were A LOT Of guy dancers, yes they were hip hop dancers but they were still GUYS and everyone was cheering them on
i dont UNDERSTAND why people at my school cant be more supportive about the fact that i DANCE its not that big of a deal i do it cause i like it
and im sick of getting shit for it

and now im home

not doing anything tomorrow
i know what i want to do
but we will see
so please call me
i DONT want to sit at home
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gaze into the fire [Mar. 26th, 2004|11:24 pm]
work was HELL
due to the Port Jeff Ferry CO being shut down
and 95 being shut down
work was INSANE
there was a good 15-20 calls on hold at any given moment
no one had time for their break it was INSANE

we are booked SOLID
Today we broke the record. we pulled in more money than any other day since the reservation office opened, thats A LOT of money

came home and everyone was out doing stuff and my brother had ppl over so i decided to take Maggie for a walk then came home and Kesh and tiffany randomly are in my back yard

i gave Tiff the good ol' "Champlin Spin" i think she was less than pleased hahah but it was fun

then they left
i went up to my room and apparently while i was gone kesh brought tiffany into my house and they left me notes in my room .......my house was a freaking MESS I cant belive she brought her inside o well hahah

dance tomorrow
i want to do something
since i didnt do anything tonight
but freaking WORK
ah i HATE working
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and then one day when hes gone ill get my chance to ask you out and ill show my colorful life [Mar. 26th, 2004|02:24 pm]
School was good, i cant think of anything to complain about

oh yes I can...i found out about some more ppl talking about me..i dont care though... its funny that the people that usually make fun of you are the most RANDOM people its like WTF did that come from? o well

its so fucking nice out
im going insane
i have to work tonight
but i didnt have any plans anyway

tomorrow is dance for a little while

hopefully im doing something before it, if all goes well

i have to go shopping to get some stuff for the dance show
SOMEONE PLEASE CALL ME im not buying these things on my own, i think you know what im talking about , so call me, i need someone to go with me

im in the mood to go running
but i have to go to work
so i cant

Sadly i have no new stories to share from today, and i managed to not fall ONCE i was so PROUD Hahah
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