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And all that Jazz - And the beat goes on.......... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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And all that Jazz [Mar. 27th, 2004|09:24 pm]
Today was good, i got to see a lot of people...i mingled

this AM I just relaxed and got some stuff done around the house

then i had dance and we FINISHED
i know what im doing now
im so happy
it was fun, so it was all good


i came home and relaxed, took a nap
i needed to get out of the house so i went driving around and viv called so i met her , bailey and caitlin at the mall

then i headed to wallmart
then Laura called me and invited me to go to NFA with her to see Steve play in this Variety Benefit show
it was AWESOME i had a great time
there was a lot of DANCE which made me happy, most of it was all ghetto hip hop stuff which i love to watch
but i cant do
there were A LOT Of guy dancers, yes they were hip hop dancers but they were still GUYS and everyone was cheering them on
i dont UNDERSTAND why people at my school cant be more supportive about the fact that i DANCE its not that big of a deal i do it cause i like it
and im sick of getting shit for it

and now im home

not doing anything tomorrow
i know what i want to do
but we will see
so please call me
i DONT want to sit at home